Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We have been told so many times that if we do not follow or comply with the OSHA standards, we will be fined or slapped with penalties. But, do we know who really makes these standards? Let’s look into how the agency got started and how the standards came into existence.

The main goal of OSHA is to ensure men and women in America are exposed to a safe and healthy working environment. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, OSHA holds the responsibility to set occupational safety and health standards.

Why the standards came into existence can be traced back to 1960’s. During this period, work injuries and illnesses were in an alarming growth with fatalities and injuries increasing each year. The industrial accident situation and records were deteriorating and rather than improving the situation seems to spiral down. This resulted in a dire need for occupational safety and health legislation.

The safety and health legislation bill was passed on December 29, 1970 was then President of America, Richard M. Nixon. If you have no idea, this act is also as the Williams-Steiger Act to honor the two men, Senator Harrison A. Williams and Representative William A. Steiger, who worked so hard to bring this act into force.

OSHA was established within the Labor Department by the Act and it was granted the responsibility to set and enforce occupational safety and health standards.

To reach employees and employers, OSHA implements and enforces protective work standards and also mandates them to join the OSHA safety training program to make sure they are in compliance with the standards. To know more about these standards, you can register in the OSHA training course and get all the details.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What are the OSHA regulations for Employers
Most people think that the OSHA regulations are only aimed at the workers. However, this is not true. Many of the OSHA regulations are designed to ensure that employers take an interest in protecting their workers from any hazardous situations and ensure that they are working under safe conditions. These regulations can cover a wide variety of topics ranging from reporting, recordkeeping and posting, etc.

Many of the OSHA standards are pertaining to topics that include protection of individual privacy, access to records, disclosure of information, inspections, citations, penalties, recordkeeping, reporting, documentation and adherence to safety standards.

These regulations help in ensuring a safe working environment and helps employers avoid penalties and citations. This way, you can save a lot of money that would otherwise be used up in the treatment of injuries and in the replacement of equipments. It ensures that your employees give in a 100% effort and increases the productivity.

There are many OSHA Training courses, each targeting a different topic. However, each of these courses has been designed to familiarize workers the fundamentals of health and safety at the workplace. There are separate courses for the general industry as well as for the construction industry. There are certain training guidelines that have been put down to help employers understand whether there is a problem in the workplace and whether it can be resolved by training the workers to identify and combat the problems.