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Online OSHA Focus Four – Identify, Prevent and Eliminate work Hazards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified 4 construction hazards that are primarily responsible for the majority of physical, financial and emotional accidents in this industry. Hence, it is vital that workers at various construction sites must be trained to identify, prevent and eliminate these hazards. This in turn would make construction sites a safer place to work in.

The online OSHA Focus Four program is mainly designed to educate workers on 4 construction-related hazards. They are, electrical safety, fall protection, struck by’s and caught in between's.

Some of its learning objectives are:
Identify the incidents that cause struck by and caught in between injuries.Discuss work practices and engineering controls that can help reduce struck by and caught in between injuries.Highlighting the need for power tools.Discussing and Identifying electrical hazards.Understanding how electricity works.Identifying systems for fall protection.Demonstrating the process o…