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Safety Means of Egress Approved by OSHA

Safety Means of Egress Approved by OSHA
The U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is an organization that lays down guidelines for ensuring safety at the work places. Safety means of egress is one of the issues tackled by OSHA. This applies to the doorways that are used for entering and leaving the building as well as the emergency exits.

OSHA focuses on the design and construction of buildings in terms of exit routes. The basic requirement of all the exit means is that they should be permanent. Also, all the exits have to be separated from all the other sections of the building by fire resistant materials. For exits that connect three stories or less, these materials should have a one hour fire resistance rating. Buildings that have more than three stories should have materials that are resistant to fire for two hours. Adequate number of exits should be decided depending on the design and the structure of the building. OSHA approved 30 hour general industry courses teach the importance of safety means of egress.

Knowing how to leave a building or a work place in an emergency situation is also important. Signs indicating the means of exits should be easy to understand. These exit signs must have a lettering that is at least 6 inches in height with a width of three quarters of an inch. Also, they should be visible at all times. The exit routes must be kept free at all times. In case of construction repairs that involve the exit routes, temporary posting of signs should be used. Adequate lighting must be provided along routes for exits for employees with normal vision.