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Everything you need to know about OSHA Personal Fall Protection Equipment

Everything you need to know about OSHA Personal Fall Protection Equipment
Many types of personal fall protection equipment and systems exist. To use them, a person requires rigorous training and of course, a professional charge. The OSHA focus four hazards strain on the use of the fall-protection systems. Personal fall protection equipment includes:
  • Work Restraint Systems: These equipment types consist of a cord that should be arranged at a fixed length. This helps the user to prevent himself from going to the place that houses potential hazard. These places include the edge of a roof a person is working on or even a delicate and fragile surface that is likely to give in.
  • Work positioning systems: This type of equipment helps the user to work in a suspended position. If the user is working on something midair, this equipment either prevents the fall or limits it. But it also requires a back-up in case the main system fails.
  • Rope access systems: These systems have two kinds of ropes. One is called the safety rope and the other is the working rope. Both of these ropes are tied firmly to an anchor. They are tied to the harness that is worn by the user. The user can get to and from the place he is working by using these ropes.
  • Fall arrest systems: These systems help in reducing the impact of the fall on the user, thus preventing him from banging against the ground.
All these equipments help in increasing the safety of workers working on-site. But, these systems should be taken care of and checked regularly. Wear and tear of the equipment may cost a worker his life.