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Some simple Fire Prevention Strategies

Some simple Fire Prevention Strategies
A number of common fire hazards are identified almost everyday in most workplaces. Today, we will discuss about some key fire prevention strategies that can make your workplace safe and fireproof.

Some basic workplace fire preventive strategies are:

1.Inspect all workplace areas regularly – Pay more attention to those areas where fires are most likely to occur. Industrial fires mostly occur in work areas and in the storage areas.

2.Educate and train employees about fire hazards – A safety training is a must for every employee. The OSHA safety training program provides detailed information and training about fire hazards and the preventive measures. Employees should update their training whenever necessary.

3.Fire Extinguishers – In every place there should be a fire extinguisher but remember to select the right kind and keep it well maintained. According to OSHA, employees need to be trained to use the fire extinguishers effectively.

4.Check ventilation systems – The ventilation systems should operate properly to remove flammable gases, vapors and combustible dust from the air.

5.Enforce fire safety rules – As an employer, you need to instill a fire safety policy in your company. Any rule breaker should be disciplined.

6.Electrical safety – Check the electrical outlets, wires, circuits and plugs on a regular basis. Most fires start from these.

The above few strategies will help you prevent any fire hazard in your work place. The only thing you have to do is follow them.